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On the Job with Plumbob ........

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Easily request a quote or booking for your plumbing job

Renopipe has implemented a new online booking system which I am sure you will all appreciate very much.


The new online Booking System will:

  • greatly increase the promptness of attention to your request
  • also minimise mistakes that can be made in the transfer of client details and requests
  • notes taken down cannot be lost or washed in the washing machine
  • at the click of button on my end the request can be transferred straight to a job with all correct detail
  • all details are recorded in the job diary, so there is hardly any chance of misunderstandings

There are two ways you will arrive at the online Booking form:

  1. If I am otherwise engaged, have no pen and paper, or my hands are dirty etc, I will text you a link directly to your phone following taking your phone call and when you tap the link, it will take you straight to the online form.
  2. You do not have to phone me. You can choose to use this booking service anytime you want, by simply going straight to our website home, or contact pages. You will see two large green buttons towards bottom of page. One is used to request a Quote and the other to request a Site Visit to do a Plumbing Job. 
u.1.TextLink.pngu.1.TextLink2.png On the left is a couple examples of how the text message with Booking Form Link might look on your phone
u.1.PCButtons2.png On the left is how the Online Request Buttons will look on your Computer
u.1.MobileBooking.jpg On the left is how the Online Request Buttons will look on your Phone

What can you do on the booking form?

You will be able to enter your own detail including name, address, site address, phone number etc. You will also be able to attach any relevant documents or photos. You can also indicate the urgency of your request. You can make a booking for a time and day that suits you best. I will be notified immediately by text message that you have made the request. I will then check my schedule and reply promptly to your request.

It simply does not get any easier to smoothly organise my work. Cool


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