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Tap Problems - Why do my tap washers chop out so quickly?

why are these tap washers chopped out


Are you continuously having to call a Plumber out to re-washer taps that are dripping, or worse still actually running. Maybe you even have a go at it yourself, but the result is always the same. Within weeks or even days the tap is dripping again.

Have you noticed that the washers are chopped right through as in the above photo? What is the cause of this?

What is the cause?

  1. a badly worn tap body seat, a pitted seat, or seat with fisures worn across the surface of the seating (these start from either faults in the brass, or grains of sand and other foreign bodies in water supply pressed into the seat when you turn off the tap then the leaking water wears a track across the seat)
  2. tap body was reseated, but not done properly (reseater not fixed into body squarely when seat resurfaced, or bad surface of reseater cutter)
  3. or the most common reason - tap body was reseated, but the sharp edge of the newly surfaced seat has not been smoothed off 

What can you do?

  1. have your worn tap bodies reseated, or if there is not much of the brass seat left, fix a stainless steel seat fixed firmly into place by tapping a thread into the body
  2. make sure you have the bodies reseated with a good quality tap reseating tool, operated by someone who know what they are doing and the same applies if inserting new stainless steel seats
  3. when reseating the tap body get the sharp edge of the seat smoothed off and this is done using a special cutter which fixes to the end of the reseating tool (I include a picture below)

Notice the curved inside edges to the cutting blade on the left end of the reseating tool, which ensures that no sharp edge is left on the brass tap body seat to cut or damage the tap washer

tap reseating tool with special edge smoother attached


Want a professional to repair your taps?

What can you do ?

If you would like to have your taps repaired correctly by a skilled, experienced, and meticulous Tradesman, then:

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